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Let the Gypsy’s Imagination Run Wild for You and With You





Having a gypsy working on your design projects means… unique creativity flavored with a truly serious side. After all, crafted messages centered on imagination, filled with real passion, and resonating with a distinctive call
to action is what she does.


The term “Design Gypsy” derives from the
free-spirited methods utilized in developing
a unique marketing and branding message
for your business. One-size never fits all.
To Suzanne, every client engagement is unique and requires extreme imaginative thinking with an energetic magical flow
. It is her practice to show all clients alternative concepts for their branding message always thinking both in and out of the proverbial box. Since your business is special to you so should your messages be to your target audience.


Suzanne is always open-minded enough to try different concepts to achieve the ultimate and most successful result of a project with you and your market in mind. Above all, she is not afraid to think out-of-the-box and trusts her inner instinct that a certain idea will work.

The chief gypsy, Suzanne Misseri was born
and raised in New Jersey. She acquired her
graphic design BFA degree honing her income
with freelance work.
She acquired extensive work experience at several design companies in New Jersey. Today, Suzanne partners with well-known businesses to offer clients a full service boutique
of services.
On a personal side, when not busy creating Suzanne enjoys cooking and has a vast interest in holistic nutrition, homeopathy, and of course ghost hunting. It’s obvious she has a flair
for truly traditional designs with the right touch
of passion, all to capture your imagination.


Allow the spell of the Gypsy to be cast
upon your creative projects. She will conjure up a unique set of ideas to make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd.


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